September walk

October 15, 2010

These are some street shots taken around downtown and old Montreal, from about a month ago. I felt the walk was too long to let the pictures sit on my hard-drive…


Autumn park

October 14, 2010

We took a walk to a nearby park

I chased this little guy round the tree trunck

But then it ran away…

Climbing Saint-Hilaire

October 13, 2010

A suggestion to climb a mountain on the Monday after Canadian Thanksgiving. Promised fire-red leaves and cold air and goat’s cheese. Leaves everywhere, carpeting the trail which was also dotted with mud and slack earth so we had to step carefully. All the metal-stick wielding professional climbers passed us but we had to stop and look at tiny grey mushrooms growing out of stumps anyway, at the blanketing russet and difference between the blue light you walk into and the orange light you turn and notice you have walked out of. A tiny flat space at the top of the mountain covered in picnics, the inescapable smell of pot that did not seem to perturb the park ranger. We had artichokes dipped in a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, salt, and curry powder, cheese, tiny carrots, and a thimbleful of cider (the larger bottle went unopened as no-one had remembered to bring a corkscrew) each. At the moment, I think leaves are more beautiful and individual than snowflakes are famed to be. But that might change in a couple of months. It’s funny, you ask someone in Montreal when it will snow and get a different response every time. But I guess if I kept asking — asked strangers and neighbours in shirt-sleeves leaning out of windows, asked bus drivers and chemistry professors and sleepless customers in bagel stores — I would get predictions in between the other predictions. No-one is going to say, it will snow for the first time in January. And then I will get a calender and write everyone’s name on the date they think the world will turn white.


The above photos were taken by Gwen. Merci Gwen!