August 12, 2010

We’d been meaning to check out an abandoned amusement park from East Berlin times for the past few weeks, but only got around to it yesterday.

The day got off to an auspicious start

We also came across an emergency button having an existential crisis

To get to Spreepark, you have to walk for a few minutes through the very green Planterwald forest

The first thing you see as you exit the forest is the ferris wheel, quite a contrast to the trees

While skirting the park looking for a way in or over the giant fence, we saw this cat, chilling out in the park

And a little further around we found a couple of disused buildings. A little shed, and a much bigger building

I finally mustered the courage to scramble ungracefully over a smaller part of the fence. The first thing I saw was mess, but then came across a decaying roller-coaster

I also came across a bunch of people in orange vests, who had permission to be there. They were nice enough to warn me of the guards, and to give me a number to call to ask for permission to enter the grounds. It was worth a try, I supposed. Back to the real world…

After calls and emails and calls, we organised a guard to let us in at 7 that evening. Another trek across town. But it was well worth it. These pictures should be pretty self explanatory

That decaying, deserted place was so far removed from anywhere I’ve been on this trip so far. A sense of otherworldliness comes over you as you walk past those ex-amusements lying where they were left, tracks leading into nowhere, trees from the Planterwald slowly reclaiming the land and the dinosaurs and the love-boat swans, replacing the children and the families and the carnies (I wonder if communist carnies still ripped people off…) that the place would have been filled with once.

One hour was not enough to see anywhere near everything. If anyone is going to Berlin at any stage, send me a message and I’ll pass on the security company’s number, Spreepark is well worth the visit.


Dresden slaughterhouses

August 8, 2010

We took a walk around the old slaghterhouses on the edge of Dresden. They were the setting of Kurt Vonnegut’s book Slaughterhouse 5. They were spooky.

Dresden part two

August 8, 2010

More photos from Dresden